Bibby Gumbo Baby Book ClubTM was Founded by new mom, Painter and Literacy Advocate, Thais Mills for new babies and their parents to discover the wonders of literacy. Each club meeting links the world's smallest readers with essential components of phonetic reading, art awareness, DIY crafts, games, parenting panels and most importantly community involvement.

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Bibby Gumbo Baby Book Club's curriculum consist of several high-energy avenues to "drive home" the importance of reading. Babies build healthy friendships all while  discovering the endless wonders of books.


Our exciting program allow babies the creative space needed to learn, laugh and play alongside their guardian / parent(s).  Children are constantly engaged with lively, enthusiastic recitations that bring story characters and plots to life.


Literacy starts in a belly Bayou !




Tonya Dailey

Tonya Dailey